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What is a Marketing Plan?

One of the main things many SMEs have in common is that they recognise the importance of having a Marketing Plan, but very few of them have actually got one!

A Marketing Plan is a powerful, formal written document which outlines the future direction of the business, who will be targeted, how it will be achieved and crucially includes a practical Action Plan to make sure that it happens. Given that this is so important, we have put together a number of effective options to enable you to follow the proven 7 Stages of Developing your own Marketing Plan to drive your business forward.

If you have already got a marketing plan then you will know the benefits it brings. If not, you are missing out on a crucial part of the process to develop new clients and take your business forward.

This Definitive training introduces you to leading edge marketing techniques and crucially helps you develop a practical Marketing Plan for your own business


  • Learn Powerful Marketing Tools and Techniques and The 7 Stages of Developing your Marketing Plan
  • How to Review your current Marketing Activity – Is it working! -Can you tell
  • How to Set Firm, Quantifiable Objectives for your business-Everything you do from now on is to achieve this objectives
  • How to Agree which segments of the market to target and why this is so important
  • How to develop Marketing Strategy to achieve the objectives you have set
  • How to develop and Action Plan ensure that your plan is implemented
  • Learn the 3 vital factors in designing your website to generate Leads, Enquire and Sales
  • Learn the essentials skills of getting your website to the front page of Google
  • Learn the importance of Video in Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • The importance of your CRM system to drive forward your Marketing Campaign
  • How Social Media can raise Brand awareness and Crucially generate sales
  • Email Marketing-key factors in generating sales for your business

What other businesses have said …………….

“This is one of the best courses I have attended since starting my own business and would highly recommend it to other business owners.”

Joanne Jenkinson, Humber Energy

“Wonderfully valuable and interesting.”

Mekyla Osbourne, ABtech LTD

“Thanks, a fantastic session. Massive thanks goes to Andrew.”

Hadiur Rahman, SRSR Ventures Ltd

“First-Class session, pitched at the right level for me”

Mr Mark Tattersall, Chivers Walsh Family Law

“Superb course. Really makes you think how to structure your marketing more thoroughly. Essential.”

Richard Baker, Fruntage Ltd T/asThe Executives

“Great day one of the only seminars that I have not watched the clock! Fantastic, thank you.”



Develop a Marketing Plan in a Day

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