Sheffield University Law Graduation

Wednesday the 19th had been hot and sultry all day but by the time six o’clock came along it was starting to drizzle. It was the cycling event is Sheffield Centre which didn’t seem to dampen anybody’s spirits nor did it dampen the spirits of the students of Sheffield University whose graduation I was attending. I hadn’t really prepared myself for the fact that going into the Octagon Centre for a graduation ceremony gave me akin to a flash back of the times when we went in for our exams when I was a student back is the early 2000’s, we also had our graduation ceremony there and it brought back those happy memories too. It’s good to see that Sheffield University is still producing high quality legally trained graduates and it was a great pleasure to share something of their day when I attended the graduation. It’s always difficult to estimate numbers but I can only say that to an outsider coming in there seems to be an awful lot of them and that has got to be good for the legal profession as a whole. The fact that graduation ceremony was happening in the evening was a bit of a novelty for Sheffield University and I understand that the University itself had been through two earlier graduation ceremonies that day and they did well not to look too jaded by the whole affair.


I would like to wish all the graduates well in whatever they choose to do in the years ahead. I am certain that the years at Sheffield University Law School will have given them a fantastic grounding for whatever they choose to do.


Charles Neal, Sheffield and District Law Society President