Court News

LAC1 and Memorandum of Conviction


This is being issued to Solicitors offices in Sheffield, in particular any who deal with Legal Aid.


A new instruction has been received by the Court from the Legal Aid Agency regarding the need for a LAC1 form (or the associated Memorandum of Conviction) the link to the webpage is copied below for your information:

The new instruction is that ‘LGFS and AGFS claims no longer need LAC1 form to confirm mode of trial if representation order dated on or after 1 August 2015’.

Therefore any requests received after today for Memorandum of Conviction in place of an LAC1 will be rejected unless the representation order is dated before 1 August 2015.  If the fee of £10.00 has been paid in expectation of receiving the Memorandum this will be refunded.