Bluebell Wood Fire Walk

Our current President, Natalie Cosgrove will be taking part in a firewalk at Meadowhall at 6pm this Sunday all in aid of our chosen charities: Sheffield Mencap and Gateway and Bluebell Wood. We would love for the running total of money raised to reach £2,000.00.

The temperature of the coals can be as hot as 1,200 degrees Farenheit. Put into perspective, paper combusts at 451 degrees and  aluminium melts at 1,100 degrees! Natalie only has 4 metres to walk.

Why on earth would anyone do this?

Jacks Story

A message from Jacks Mum and Dad in their own words:

Our son Jack had meningitis when he was 23 months old.  After a 3 month stay in hospital, we left with a boy who could no longer walk, talk and eat. Over the next few years he learnt to eat most soft foods and walk short distances with an abnormal gait. It left him with severe epilepsy that we have never managed to get it under control with either medicine or surgery.

He has now been attending Sheffield Mencap and Gateway for several years, after Jacks epilepsy nurse said we needed a break from looking after such a poorly child around the clock. It was starting to affect my (Mum) health. As you can imagine as committed parents it was an ordeal trusting other people with Jack who is so vulnerable with the severity of his needs. He requires help for everything, e.g. feeding, toileting, dressing etc.

For us Mencap staff have shown to be more than capable and committed to Jacks well-being. He is treated as an individual, and is included in any activity they are doing. At first Jack attended to give me a break, we needed some respite.

Now Jack is a 14 years old boy who still has the same needs, but now Mencap is known to his family as his club. As soon as we pull on the drive Jack starts making loud happy noises, and when we enter he goes to his favourite rooms, e.g. sensory room. Jack is made to feel a valued member of the group by both staff and other children attending. Which is a credit to the quality of staff to be able to include someone with Jacks ability in the sessions.

Jacks siblings are happy leaving him there knowing he is having his time. While we have our time. We enjoy simple family time. A game of monopoly, watching a DVD: Jack will only watch Thomas or Brum. Not cool for teenagers. It gives us normal time, without any guilt that Jack isn’t with us, as we all know he’s enjoying time with others. We really do get best of both worlds; Jack not only gets the best care, he gets freedom. Which we never thought we would ever achieve, whilst we get a rest.

We really can’t express how Sheffield Mencap and Gateway has really altered our lives. Image result for mencap sheffield and gateway

Thank you to all our members, non-members and local businesses for your support of the Society.