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BPP is holding a series of focus groups across the country in February and March to inform our detailed design work on a range of programmes to prepare candidates for the new SQE and for wider legal practice. We are holding one at BPP Law School, Leeds on 21 February at 12.30pm.


The session will be engaging and interactive, giving firms an opportunity to share views about the skills, competences and knowledge that the profession considers essential for modern legal practice.  We will also be discussing possible models for delivery, course length, timing and awards to ensure that we are providing programmes that are suitable and appropriate for the profession as we move into a new system of solicitor qualification.


We are keen to ensure that we get a range of views from training principals, trainee supervisors and those ‘at the coal face’ working with trainees on a daily basis as well as graduate recruiters.  If any of your members wishes to attend we would ask that they gather feedback from principals, supervisors, trainees and recruiters in advance on the areas above so that you can feed this into the discussion.


If anyone wishes to attend the focus group in Leeds on 21 February at 12.30pm they need to register with me Clare Grant (claregrant@bpp.com) as soon as possible, stating their name, position and contact details .